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Roll Up! Roll Up! Has anyone got a roll-up?

It’sssssss……The Cabaret Project Featuring six hand-picked, locally sourced performers who will delight, amuse and make wet your eyes with passion. Guided by your naughty but nice host you will be treated to a show full of variety, engorged with entertainment and brimming with brilliance. Each act will bring their unique style to you in full [...]

Bubble Bo Peep- Lisa Davies

Lisa Davies Bubble Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find them … leave them alone and they’ll follow the foam, bringing their friends behind them. People flock together mesmerized by the marvellous giant bubble spectacle. Bubble Bo Peep dazzles audiences with her illuminated LED dress and is dipping her big bubble [...]

The Analogue Hermit- Language, Timothy!

Language, Timothy! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to observe an ancient Ornamental Hermit who, since his relocation from The Lumsden Estate, has found solace and purpose in collecting found photographs, films and audio recordings. Your tour guide will be on-hand to share the Hermit’s legend as you witness the Hermit create a unique audio-visual experience [...]

Lambda Drive – Laura Irving

Lambda Drive is a road trip through a de-tuned radio hinterland, where transmissions from the past collide. A collage of reel-to-reel tape diaries, mid-century home video and shortwave radio recordings, this is a one-on-one experience which invites the mind’s eye to take the wheel. Expect headphones, highway hypnosis and holographic head cinema. Produced by Laura Irving [...]

The Lytlings: Banana Moon Puppets- Theatre in Miniature

Long ago our forests were home to magical, mysterious creatures – the Lytlings. But as our forests were replaced with cities, these curious creatures disappeared. Now something is believed to be living in a corner of Boscombe. Have the Lytlings returned? And will anyone be lucky enough to see one? Performances throughout the day during [...]

Volunteer Evening for #BEAF2018

In the run up to the festival we are calling on our volunteers to "BEAF UP!" We need people to help with everything from marketing and distribution to being on hand at events. So, lets meet up and mobilise to make this year’ festival a blast: Training and induction evening: 4pm-6pm Wednesday  11th April 2018 or drop in on 4pm-6pm Wednesday [...]

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First events announced

  Tickets now on sale! We are pleased to announce that the first tickets for our fringe programme are now available with four spectacular events at The Shelley Theatre, Boscombe. From a live performance to accompany silent era’s most influential masterpieces, Nosferatu, stunts, laughs and mayhem with ‘The Slightly Fat Show’, An exceptional new production [...]

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Commissions are coming . . . .

This year BEAF has started a Commission Programme that will provide commission opportunities for all local creatives, partnerships and groups. The Commission process will open on October 1st running for several weeks will be announced during November 2017. Commissions will be offered at two levels: up to £1,500 and up to £750 and will include [...]

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